Mental Craft

Posted: September 12, 2011 in transliteration
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He told you that your mental craft was weak
and he told me that illuminating text from behind
was too literal.

I hated him for using the word right, because I’m not convinced that he intended to.
I’m still thoroughly convinced to the contrary.

Given the context of what he was telling me, he only meant that what I’d done
was overkill.

fully thought out intentions
and flawless mental craft; flawless in that it held a semblance
amidst company that was truly lacking.

He claimed that he painted sound.
What he did is what the guy I sometimes humor now does.
He tiled out randomness as its own pattern…

which is not without its own merit
but it’s a strictly aesthetic approach to something that is ultimately

Search Penrose tiling if you like.

His opinion never mattered much, because he was so outrageously hypocritical, but yours did.
I could never get you to understand what you did for me,
and I was never able to offer you anything of comparable value in return.

For that personal failing, I still struggle with the conceit of self-worth.

It only took two decades for the memory of you to seep into the wrong corner of my mind.
You showed up last night…and I wasn’t horrified by what happened.
I met you when I was six, and I stopped responding to you when I was 14, and the last thing you said to me…

You approached me in the hall completely of your own volition
and instigation
and asked me how I was doing.
It’s the only memory I have of you ever being civil towards me…

and I hated you.

The only reason I hated you was because you made someone I cared about sad
with vindictive pleasure
and I couldn’t get over it
until last night.

I could have just as easily cared about you given weight to why I didn’t.
You’re both shitty people.

You’re both still petty, squabbling, intellectually lazy, mean-spirited, egocentric assholes.

For fuckssake; please, stop breeding.


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