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Prison Colony

Posted: January 14, 2013 in otiose

She has track marks running up and down both arms
and she’s proud of them.

You’re fucking a 50-year-old gutter whore
and think you’re King Shit.

Unfortunately, I know you’re thinking about me.
I might be the only one here she hasn’t slept with already.

He’s been stalking my every move
since the day I showed up.

You’re a shitty fucking drunk
and if you can’t learn to hold your liquor

I recommend you stick with beer.

I’m confident I’m the only cunt here
who hasn’t felt the burn of cheap drugs
or gonorrhea.

Yes, I’m fucking better than you.
Damn right I am.
Hell yeah, I’m fucking judging you.

You bring this shit into my house.
You threaten my safety.
You want to fuck away your life that’s fine, but you’re not fucking up mine.

Are you having a good time now that my room has become locked storage, and I sleep in the fucking woods?

Like I give a damn.
My lease is finally up this month.

I’m back to collect my things and get the fuck out.
That’s it.
That’s all.
Stay the fuck away from me.