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Posted: December 29, 2014 in hidden admonishment

I’m sure most of you have given up on peering into my life via this portal by now, as I have been highly inconsistent and increasingly infrequent with posting anything whatsoever.

I have slowly shifted away from heavy reading and incessant writing. This is predominately due to the energy I’ve found necessary to devote to my daily turmoil; a turmoil which has drastically increased in its demand for various forms of fuel from me in order to run relatively smoothly.

I’m currently party to an extremely high maintenance relationship. As I’ve found the most casual relationships an arduous burden in the past, this long term commitment exudes an entirely novel level of dedication for me. The majority of my time has once again been swallowed by the wage wars of working 60+ hours per week in an attempt to survive an IRS audit, monthly bills, and my old constant companionship with my haunting student loans.

I am succeeding with these endeavors, so I can’t honestly apologize for my neglect and failure to maintain a balance with old interests. My behavior is fairly cyclical, so I’m likely to come back to old habits, but my life is boring right now. It is not warranting much reflection or analysis, and while I do still pay attention and take issue with the world around me, I honestly don’t give a shit about engaging in any social discussions.

I simply don’t care what you think about anything. Well, that sounds a little too dismissive…I care, but I’m not particularly interested? I’m interested but not intrigued? Bah…

I just want to look at pretty pictures on my phone while I should be working and pretend my life isn’t what I’ve made it.