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Posted: September 12, 2016 in hidden admonishment

After wasting most of my paid vacation getting an updated diagnosis on my…genetic inferiority, I’ve been referred to a psychiatrist

to help me process the news.

Instead, I got into a really big fight about how I don’t need to be coddled that prompted me to drive 300 miles away to think.


I once had a psychotherapist who told me I was in a toxic relationship that would only get worse, because our intellectual inequality would grow into resentment.

I ended up stiffing him $300 after he signed a piece of paper stating I was mentally fit…even though he was right.

The first time something came up in the hard science that wasn’t normal, I was participating in a case study for treatment resistant mental illness, and I was given some novel diagnoses upon being dropped from the study.  When I turned down the monetary compensation for my participation, the head psychiatrist offered to continue working with me pro bono.

I declined.

Sometimes, I like to bitch about my life…just to bitch.  Just so I don’t have to hold onto it.