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You meet someone, and you know that they’re…


I meet people, and I think I see things. I watch things; not so much as the passive spectator or one of those popularized underdog outsiders…

Fuck you.

I…Sometimes, shit happens, and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, or if it does, I fail to understand.

I used to think actors like Anthony Hopkins and Robert DeNiro were attractive. This was back in those awkward years that are represented by awkward numbers like…eleven and twelve. Ten makes sense and then the numbers get muddled for a while.

14 is really fucked up in Spanish.

I would say that Hopkins and DeNiro are the closest I ever came to having any sort of celebrity crush…that fantastical sort of fluffy crushing that has no basis in reality but in the character typecasting…


My peers were off getting drunk and leaving socks on in the dark, and I was…watching shit like Cape Fear.

Less than halfway through college I snapped. I try to look back on it, but most of it’s gone; eaten away by the rotating blades of a dirty ceiling fan and wet concrete.

Sometimes, I meet people, and I think I see things…but they tell me I’m wrong, so while my peers are out getting married and raising families, I’m watching shit like Cape Fear

but the allure is gone.