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Water stirs up indigestion in an attempt to keep anything down it’s all that goes in and it’s going to come up fighting the peripheral vision piercing from the other room the bathroom light on the bathroom empty stomach empty running on empty with a white dog snarling at the back door on the porch in the dark through the glass past the mirror with a whistle and a click tearing through curtains tearing up and turning red

eat something

Making up rules changing minds stretching truths weaving fiction stating opinions touting facts lax statistics static lack of ambition ignoring intuition shouting over elevator doors closing on toes pointed out of line up count off the number of shots fired off the table under the table under the floorboards whining about being bored ten minutes into the shit sticking to the eavesdropping out of the bottoms up to no good


No place out there where it’s all condescending demeaning overstated and underground stay down the water wants to come up maybe if it’s colder so freeze it and forget it and throw it away because intellect conflicts with feeling inadequate disrespectful and fucked up full of shit inconsistent reminiscent of a protracted sickness persistently ill-defined misdiagnosed and ignoring the devil in the means unjustifiably unending to end up moribund in a dead end pursuit of happenstance undermining circumstantial insignificance with inefficacy in talking shit.