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Posted: December 31, 2010 in hidden admonishment
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Would I be ashamed to let you in?
I ask myself this odd
hypothetical question while looking around the room.

The answer is invariably, yes.
I would be ashamed to let anyone see how I live.
The question in my head has become phrased in a specific way
that I find frustrating more than I might otherwise find it.

I’m quite certain I’ll never see you again.

So the shame?
I would invite you in anyway.
That’s the oddest aspect of the room…and my life in general.

It’s past time to organize the chaos into neat little rows.
There are no ducks to feed here that I’ve found.
Only skinks and cockroaches that don’t need me, want me, notice me
or quack
to comfort my stale bread crumb stuffed insides that I’ve emptied out into cold water.