Posted: November 6, 2016 in hidden admonishment

I’ve been living in the epicenter of a college town for years now, but I’ve outgrown it.  It’s been a game for awhile; preying on the naivety of kids playing adults and dodging the crackheads who are peppered in with the old rooming houses that used to serve more as off campus dorms.  We used to go out and pick someone to bring home, but it’s not really worth the drama.  They’re not really worth the inconvenience.  It’s not entertaining anymore.

I like my commute to work (a two minute walk) but I don’t love my job.  I didn’t opt into this line of work at 16 because I love it.  I decided based on my aversion to customer service.

I made a very deliberated decision about two years ago to accept a free dog into the house, even though the lease doesn’t allow for such decision making and it made working with my former boss even more frustrating.  Well, after four years here, I won’t be eligible to renew the lease for 2017 because of that decision, and I thought I’d care more…

But fuck it.  I don’t.  I’ll always choose my dog over a slumlord, and college kids just don’t interest me anymore.


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