Posted: June 26, 2016 in hidden admonishment

I don’t see this time of day much anymore with a traditional 9-5, which is actually a 7-6, but for all intents and purposes is a traditional 9-5.  Living with another being also infuses a little more regularity to my sleeping habits, rough as they still might be.

Tonight, I can’t sleep.

My bath water has gone cold, I need to pee, and my skin has long since puckered with the oversoak, but I refuse to vacate my inferior, old, half sized tub.

Also, my battery life is rapidly dwindling from 7%.

When the sun comes up, I get to pick through the yard for shards of broken glass before they have a chance to catch dog paws, because I lost my fucking temper earlier in what has become a long night.

Maybe someday, I’ll get the majority of my shit together, but right now, I’m just trying not to lose it.


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