Posted: August 19, 2012 in transliteration

Without steady internet access, I’d like to think I’m slightly more productive with my time, but the truth is…I’m not.

I caught myself lying on the floor studying the spines of my textbooks
comparing publishers
and wondering when McGraw-Hill started collaborating with Glencoe.

In actuality, I am being somewhat productive.
I moved almost an entire ton of books
by myself
in one day.

One very hot and sunny day.

I’ve read around a thousand pages to keep my mind from wandering off without me
while my body recuperated.
When I let it wander for any length of time beyond catching myself comparing textbook spines
I end up in that strange, spongy spot where you still reside.
Upon revisiting the internet, I made a colossal error in judgment
or some such offensive slight to my character as a human being.

Oh, I also made English muffins.


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