Posted: June 5, 2012 in otiose
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I’ve been saving loose change for approximately a year and a half to replace an expensive sheet of glass that a former housemate broke.
We’re talking about a $200 sheet of glass here. We’re talking about a lot of change. We’re talking about picking pennies up off the street when I go for walks at two in the morning.


Well, I didn’t budget properly this month, so I’m $100 short on a rent check that I already signed and handed to my housemate a week ago. Mind you, a week ago, I had enough to cover rent and four days from now, I’ll have enough again. Now, however, I’m coming up short. This is all due to an impulsive trip I took over Memorial Day weekend…which is now costing me a year of penny pinching.

I could ask my housemate not to cash the check for another four days, but I don’t feel like I should do that. Rent is my responsibility to pay on time, and I have always paid on time. I have done crazy things just to pay my rent on time. Usually, I have enough foresight to know when I’m going to be short for the upcoming month, but that trip I took was just…impulsively stupid.

This is what poverty really looks like, so fuck you for whining when you can’t pay your bills. You buy stupid shit all the time. I forfeit food when I want liquor, and I walk to and from work (an hour each way at a brisk clip) if I need to buy bird food.

So, no…I don’t sympathize with you at all, and I don’t expect you to pity me either. I put myself in the situation I’m in, and I will eventually climb out if I stop doing stupid, impulsive shit.

I will probably never stop doing stupid, impulsive shit.


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