Posted: April 23, 2012 in otiose
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I left my mp3 player to die
on accident
and was left to listen to the radio.
Left thinking how odd it is that Green Day
transports me back to Goldmann’s Department Store
even though I was introduced to them years before ever setting foot in Milwaukee
and that shit never
played within the beautiful walls of that building.
Funny how memory works.
Listening to Green Day and Nickleback is not my idea of a good morning, however,
so when he showed up and offered his music for a listen, I accepted.

After all, he introduced me to Pretty Lights.

Touch screen.

I scrolled through the options and chose.

“Good choice.”
“Good option.”

Most of it was mainstream rap, although I do like Common.
Silly little suburbanites crack me up.
I chose an anomaly with Neutral Milk Hotel.

I went to choose again and couldn’t help but stifle a smile.
A name popped up that he could have only gotten from one of my own random selections
a few weeks ago.
It was so out of place, and it made me happy to see it.

The Beautiful Girls.

So…you’ve found a way to mine data from me after all.
I wouldn’t have expected that.
Sneaky little bastard.

Enjoy, and thanks for letting me listen to something other than Goldmann’s.


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