A girlfriend.

Posted: April 21, 2012 in otiose
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Yes, that would explain…everything.

Love triangles are tricky things, much more complicated than young adult fiction makes them out to be…or so I’ll assume, since I have only gleaned the plots of the current books written for television vicariously.

I mean…film?

Fiction at any rate, and it falls flat.

When did you have a kid?
I’ve been out of touch for two years.
Trying to recuperate.
Evidently, the rest of the world is doing just fine.

It’s impossible to ascertain this from “the news” which has devolved into a poorly cited, vastly unsubstantiated kangaroo court of media spun disaster obsessed infotainment.

Also, I am not fine and have projected my personal state onto my surroundings
to simplify and marginalize abrasive differences.
I get unreasonably upset when people tell me, during this lieu in interaction with the outside world, that I’m still sick.

The judgment, while likely valid, does not promote anything but further withdrawal.
In other words — Fuck off, Captain Obvious. Who needs you?

Congratulations on perpetuating your particular flavor of superiority, obtaining that elusive sense of productivity coupled with pride…and a satisfying sense of higher worth, no doubt.

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