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Posted: February 18, 2012 in otiose
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There used to be a shitty little roller rink in the next town north from my home town.
The next town north of any size, anyway.
They had a system for promotion there that allowed our small
school community to sustain skating “parties” on a monthly basis for free
disregarding all the money we wasted on stupid games
and terrible food…
and the gas money our parents spent to get our asses there.

This was before cliques had fully solidified, but they were on the cusp.
Messages could be sent
and received
through invitations to a classmate’s skating party.

One girl in particular loved that nasty little hole in the wall.
She went more often than anyone and usually instigated the rash of free parties that would go around
before everyone lost interest again.

She was different, in that she paid to go.
She invested in her own roller blades, instead of renting the plain, tan skates that were provided free with the tickets that got the rest of us in…
like bowling shoes. You pick them up at the counter when you’ve verified that you’ll be purchasing at least two pitchers of beer
to get through the fucking boredom of these particular social trappings.
Sometimes, half by chance, she would be at parties others had quite deliberately intended to exclude her from.

She always thought she was smarter than everyone else.

I bet she is, but if her gummy grin is my incentive to log onto Facebook…I’m still going to pass.


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