Fuck you.

Posted: December 3, 2011 in transliteration

Fucking high, and mighty old man.
You ruined my day.
I was there to pick up a 67 cent can of corn
to live off of for the next two and a half days
after finishing my forty hour week
before crawling around at night to make ends meet
and you fucking ruined my day with your smug “state law” bullshit.
How long were you rehearsing that shit?
Did a few too many people pass you on the right this year?
I’ll have you know I broke zero laws within ten minutes on either side of our exchange
and it took a hell of a lot of self-restraint not to fuck you up during your condescending, unsolicited, and uncalled for soap box speech about how you’re so much better than me.
You are.
You don’t have to live off of bargain basement canned goods.
Maybe you’ve seen some shit I haven’t, because you’re an old fuck.
Maybe I’ve seen some shit you haven’t, asshole.

I hope you fall over dead in your social security funded white wonderbread Christmas ham.


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