A question of taste.

Posted: November 27, 2011 in transliteration

Invitation declined.

My world does not incorporate large
engagement rings.

I can see the flaw with my eyes unassisted.
I’m not a snob, but you push your snobbery on me.
A significantly smaller stone is of higher monetary value
when polished and cut to a flawless display.
I’m sorry that I know this.

I’m sorry that I’ve seen this.
I’m sorry that I understand this.

I’m even sorry that I’ve read about South African diamond mines at length
because I have a fascination with:

Don’t worry.
I really don’t care.
Just don’t show me your engagement ring anymore.

I don’t take cruises.
My family does own lakeshore property
but it’s not ocean front, and it’s not a Great Lake
and they don’t want to own it, but inheritance has entrapped them a bit.

My life decisions do not incorporate plastic surgery consultations.
I don’t have any use for Black Friday shopping deals
or Christmas
or New Year’s.

My credit is better than yours
and my education is higher.

You’d never guess it to look at me, and I make a point not to say it
because I’m not better than you
but I do hate you and your $30 lunch invitation
that I can’t afford to accept

and never would anyway.


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