Isolation Chamber

Posted: November 22, 2011 in hidden admonishment

Having room in my head for your concept of God doesn’t mean I subscribe to your line of logic.
It just means I don’t think you’re stupid for needing to believe in something.

I would like to believe in something.

I don’t believe in your book, and not that it’s relevant, but…most of it is very boring.
I don’t need an argument for differentiating facts and fairytales from
I don’t, and I’m sick of it. I’m not twelve, and the argument is a waste of my fucking time.

Time and time again, you prove to be a fucking waste.

Radioactive isotopes decaying into an everyday occurrence of alchemy is fascinating.
Using that to document “pre” history is…clever.
The clusterfuck of three monotheistic religions in reduction to a condescendingly arbitrary set of 1967 borders…is equally fascinating.

I vote for a loser every time, not because I’m baselessly vilifying and party to a populist counterculture, underdog imperative, but simply because I don’t play the game properly.

I’m sorry that I hurt you.
I wasn’t sorry at the time.

It’s easier on everybody if it’s the other way around.
You’re supposed to hurt me.
Except, comparatively, essentially nothing hurts anymore.
It’s easier on all involved, because I’m not a pure sadist.
Entirely too much shit has happened from a lower point of view.

I can’t look up to you.
I won’t look down on you.

But all you do is waste my fucking time when approaching this eye to eye.

I carry too much anger, and I’m so quickly provoked.
We’re flirting with something too dangerous.

I can’t let down a certain level of self-restraint, so I need you to shut up and go away.
What do you want from me?


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