Posted: October 31, 2011 in otiose

I changed a flat tire this morning
setting me back twenty minutes
late for work
and I’ll be riding on the spare until tomorrow morning
where I’ll get set back on my heels $350 for new tires.
Clearly overdue.

“If you liked your job, they wouldn’t call it work.”

I hate so many things about that adage that it’s nauseating.
Why are you speaking for me?
Who are they?
I actually like hard work, but I hate you.
If I could pay my bills, I wouldn’t get so irritated.

I sleep better when it’s cold.

A month ago, I would have cried about it.
She’s moving to the west coast.
He’s building a house two months after he said he’d come back.
They’re not going to help me, because they can’t.

They, in this instance, are my parents.

I suffered through a ten minute confrontation about why I don’t like Halloween.
I don’t think there’s a holiday that I do like anymore.
One person told me that I’m “denying all fun in this lifetime.”

Simply put, I don’t find most things enjoyable that the mass population has deemed fun.
I’m not going to apologize for that.
I don’t consider it a problem until I have to hear about how I should consider it a problem.
Fuck you.

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