Posted: September 6, 2011 in transliteration
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You gave me the good news
contingent on a relatively small file
attached to a delayed email response
to a casual introduction.

“It sounds good.”

I threw out my first major sewing project;
a full sized quilt
that won best of show
before I hit my teens.

During the same year of its construction, I was informed
that I can neither cook nor take appealing photographs
by backwater white trash
such as myself.
If not pertinent, part of this is still marginally relevant.

I won’t be restocking the pharmacy when I go.
Hopefully, you have a high energy level to compensate
for the lack of synthesized sedation that will ensue.

There is a certain level of sentimentality
in the midst of symbolic eradication
reflecting a more elaborate overhaul that cannot otherwise be seen.

My superficial motives are transparent
and the nature of yours
are of little to no interest to me
so long as you give me enough honest information to work with

for your sake…and mine.

You are embarking on a long term commitment
based on a very short span of contact.
I am not easily swayed from what I want.
If you upset my plans
due to petty, fickle bullshit

I will get mad.


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