Posted: August 14, 2011 in otiose
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Papers have this way of breeding
while I have my head turned.

Apparently, I save instruction leaflets for everything from
macro camera lenses
to assembly pictographs for a shark kite.
Small appliances, simple furniture…
At one point, I think I was amused by the accompaniment of these sorts of instructions with a product, so I started saving the outlandishly worthless along with the almost necessary.
It does not appear that I save the preparation instructions off of food packaging (although I do read them even if I don’t bother to follow) so there is some unknown discriminatory filter in play.

All collections are incomplete
with a two year gap
as if my life went through a fire.

I guess it did, although I set it.

Financial records are the only complete collections.
I’m almost to the bottom of the pile, although, I’ve created new
Some of them can be filed now.
Around half of them are still refugees of my life
and my mind.
There’s just no place where they belong.

I hate going through the papers.
These papers are predominately from before the bugs.
They’ve been boxed up and unseen for years.
The latest date I came across was situated in 2008.
Those papers must have been from a newer box
but they’ve been shuffled several times now.

This is my second attempt at filing since arriving here
and I made one attempt when I first arrived down the road
to, at least, combine the papers into a concentrated headache.

I don’t know why I bother.

After the papers, I just have to go back to the boxes.
Constantly attempting to cull down
weed out
groom my personal waste.

Most of the time, I ignore it.
Sometimes, I just want it to go away,
but I don’t like to think about it sitting in a landfill.

I don’t like to think about it at all.

This collection of instructions is massive.
It could fill an entire box on its own.
It seems wrong to discard it now.

Should I put the obsolete software with the obsolete instructions in a box with the obsolete hardware, or should I just throw the whole works out?

I’ll start small.
Anything pertaining to something I no longer have, I will throw out.
Anything pertaining to something I have but no longer use, I will organize and mark for further consideration at a later date in a different frame of mind.


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