Posted: August 12, 2011 in otiose

You made fun of me a lot.
That’s all you did.
Aside from the chew tobacco, that was the only thing you did wrong.

You had a temper, but so did I.

I still do.

You were irresponsible, and you lied a lot
about stupid things.
You constantly critiqued every little flaw of my body.
That gets old pretty quick.

I’m not gorgeous. I already know this.

You never stood up for me
and yet you told me the horrendous things your family would say.

Why did you do that?

You bought porn on my credit…without asking or telling me.
You broke expensive things that were difficult for me to replace.
All you did for months was play video games.

You used my cell phone
that I paid for
to call chat lines
but not me.

You ate my food and then complained about it.
It made you sick.
It made you fat.
You lived at my place but made fun of it.

You titty fucked me and still had the audacity to…

You fucked up.
You just…fucked up.
It’s gratifying that you’re no longer above groveling.

Damn right you miss what you had.


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