Do you still have it?

Posted: August 12, 2011 in hidden admonishment

I miss you.
It bothers me, because it’s true.

There’s this stupid little girl in me that was absent through my childhood.
When did she show up?

Isn’t it about time she wandered off to bed?

I went to a party once with a small group of people.
Only one out of the five of us had been invited.
That one wasn’t me, and I was not well liked.

I said the wrong thing to somebody.

I should have let you fuck me.
You so obviously wanted to.
I wanted you to.

You lured me to your basement studio for shit I didn’t care about.
You painted me prettier than I am.
Softer and less haggard.

You recognized me two years later on the street,
and you remembered how to pronounce my name.

I’d given everything twice by then, but I never had anything for you to begin with.


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