Posted: August 5, 2011 in otiose

That’s what I attempt to do with my time off.
I’m staying here for a little while.
A few years.
I scamper off faster than the roaches when anyone but the dog approaches.
I hate them.
After all this time, I probably still hate myself.
I can’t take the attempts I make to change seriously.
I don’t want to be girly.
I have a hard enough time dealing with being skinny.
The recent bingeing has set me back…financially.
I have to readdress the financial situation at hand.
I’ve been ignoring it for a year and a half longer than I determined practical.
I’m resourceful enough to stretch that far below the numbers.
I could keep going.
Sometimes I wonder if I am too “smart” for my own good.

Sometimes I wonder.

I’ve thrown out another two sacks of…baggage.
I have to turn back to the stacks of papers that always win this war.
Not now.
Off to work.
New distractions to set into motion later.


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