I hate you.

Posted: August 2, 2011 in transliteration

The first girl I ever loved.
Her family for taking her away.
My sister choosing her white trash friends
and then money
The little boy that wasn’t too good to play with matchbox cars with me in the mud
and his pedophile father in the corner house.
All of their friends.
The neighbor girl that thought her name was more important than my memory
and baptism made playmates.


The boy from the drug house that decided I was too weird to be pretty.
The fat kid that I can still taste and his older brother.
The indian kid’s fire engine red half brother, Danny, and his full sister Suzy.
The whore that stole from me.
The whore I stole for.
My third grade teacher.


The freckled girl’s father and the Buddhist.
The Pynes and all of their bastard children.

My freshman roommate.

Zac and his dealer.
The dancer that never gave me her real name.
Katie and her print making.
The asshole that spent hundreds of dollars to make his name a little more pretentious.


The first psychologist I ever saw
and the second.
The psychotherapist I didn’t pay.

The crackwhore that took my money.
The crippled old man that spit on me, and his cunt of a daughter, and her worthless son, and his sister’s bastard baby’s stupid made up name.
The shitty kisser that gave me unsolicited advice.
The bitch that dyed my hair “a more natural brown” than my natural color.

The bitch that wrote the book I’m reading about the most amazing man alive.
The pretty boy that ruined Plastic Beach for me.
The anonymous individual that stole my chair painting.
And the fucker that took my rat painting.

The prolife dumbfuck who named her asshole kid Huey and failed to kill him before he hit puberty.

Brad. Pretty much every Brad I’ve ever met.
The journalist.
My Great Uncle.
My dry drunk former uncle.

Everyone that’s ever wanted me to call them Daddy.
The fucker that tells me I fight with him for no reason but won’t leave me alone.
His friend that’s going to pray for me.



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