You don’t even know my name.

Posted: July 27, 2011 in otiose
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I’m going to stop answering soon.
“What happened for you, baby?”
Baby, baby, baby, baby.
I might have asked you what you meant by that if I cared more.


Nothing happened for me.
I’m the same pathetic individual I was yesterday
and six hours ago
and two.

You’re coming across a bit desperate now.
A little sad.
Extremely irritating.
At a certain point, it’s not flattering anymore.
If I wanted someone to check in on me every ten minutes,
I’d go home.

Anyway, you’re the one that needs some help.
It’s not my fault you didn’t take your own bullshit into account.
It’s not my problem.
I’m going to hang up now.

“If you call me again before the beginning of August, I’m never going to answer you again. Do you understand?”


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