Posted: July 15, 2011 in transliteration
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The plan was to give a go to being a girl when I found my jeans hitting at 7/8, soo…

Not just any girl,mind you, since my sex inherently lends itself to my enrollment with the gender, but a typical girl; the sort that’s photoshopped in all the magazines and parades around on the TV (that I still haven’t convinced myself to turn on for the sake of making case studies regarding who I’m aiming to be) whether adhering to some joke of a counter-culture or sub-genre of femininity or the trite tried and true. They’re all essentially the same; these women. Aesthetically speaking. With a nuance here and there. There’s a formula. It’s a mold. I intend to squeeze in.


You see, I made this deal with myself quite some time ago, and now…I’m having trouble discerning the merit in my original motives.

The company I keep is also not helpful in clarifying certain things I find confusing about presenting myself as a typical woman. So far, it’s been a very objectifying, condemning



I will give you two years to teach me something new, and two months to change my mind about the next stages of this experiment.


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