Posted: July 14, 2011 in hidden admonishment
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They’re looking for me. I can see them crawling around, picking up family members that they never talked to before; never liked; never cared about. They want to know. It’s a passive, lazy


curiosity. Voyeurism. The perpetual class reunion I refuse to attend.

My family’s not going to tell you where I am. They’ll pass on the word that you’ve inquired, and I directly request that all lines remain dead. You won’t find me “liking” or “following” them. Over half the time, they’re not even invited in. It’s none of your concern what I’m doing now; what I look like, who I fuck, how much money I give to the old man in the parking lot or how much he gives me.

If I want you to know, you will. I show up where I want to be found.

Leave my family alone.


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