Nothing is nice.

Posted: July 11, 2011 in proselytizaytion
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We go though it again, and I catch myself wondering how many times I’ll butt heads with this before I decide it must be normal.

Merely due to frequency.

He said he was not expecting someone like me to show up in his room; that no “good girl” would come by herself at 11 at night. That’s probably right. He told me the superficial things he likes in a woman. I carry absolutely none of the listed traits in my natural state…and yet he’s given me something to shoot for.


I told him that I hate men and hate women more, that I rarely bother to masturbate and never get off anymore.

He doesn’t “eat pussy.” I can’t remember if he told me that the first night or the second. Fine. What do I care? It’s a relief. Then I don’t have to pretend to enjoy it. I would be more than surprised if he ever gets me anywhere close to getting off anyway.

He lets ugly words slip like “love” and “girlfriend” and I had to suffer through a 20 minute exchange on what we are, because he seems to want to define it. Who the fuck cares? We’ve known each other three days and all of them have been spent in bed. Friends? More than friends? “We’re nothing,” was my response.

Nothing is nice.


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