“What happened here?”

Posted: June 21, 2011 in otiose

So you saw me flip shit on the cameras?
You saw me scream and dent steel by smashing steel into steel repeatedly?
Are you trying to steal from me, motherfucker?

Did you catch what I was saying without sound?

Did you happen to notice the professional restraint I held regardless of that display?
I mean, you saw that I didn’t tear your precious little surveillance system out of the walls, right?
I left the registers alone.

I didn’t kill anybody.

You must have taken all of this into account.
Two days later, and you’re still approaching me meekly and asking me how I’m doing before saying anything else. Of course, I respond with a placid smile and say that I’m fine. Everything’s fine.
You know damned well what happened here.

Don’t threaten my meager pay.
You know as well as I do that I’ve fucking earned my bonus.
It’s all in the same goddamned camera footage every fucking day.


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