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Posted: May 12, 2011 in transliteration
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I think I was with him for less than an hour before I hit him and he told me to go home like I was a stray dog.
I was pissed. Disgusted/pissed. I don’t like some loser (and they’re all losers) to use any “daddy” terminology…ever, but especially in bed.
I have a very healthy relationship with my dad. It doesn’t cross over into that fucking role reversed Oedipus, Freudian shit. It’s not that submission is impossible to attain from me, although I am somewhat naturally predisposed to passively dominate.
A. You’re no where near as highly respected by me as my dad, so let’s not bring him up in direct comparison, because you’ll lose every time.
B. I don’t want to think about my dad while I’m fooling around. It’s not a turn on. It’s just creepy.
C. I don’t want to fuck someone with children that still need a daddy, because I wouldn’t have wanted my daddy to be fucking someone like me when I needed him. (That’s as close to fucked up as my daddy complex gets.) so I don’t want to think of you as anyone else’s daddy either.
D. I do not need to be coddled. I’ve been on my own for quite a while now, so I’m not looking for a stand-in father figure to take care of me; a task you’re not up to anyway, and finally,
E. I have no interest in having your children, so I don’t see you as daddy material in your own right, which brings us to slapping you if you don’t fucking shut up when I ask you nicely the first two times, and lowers your fuckability to next to nill.

I try to like men, but it never seems to work out.

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