Thanks anyway.

Posted: February 9, 2011 in otiose
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I am not happy, confident, secure or remotely well adjusted.
I’m not a spineless, sniveling, people pleasing pushover either.
‘Fraid not.
I am obsessive and compulsive, but not obsessive compulsive.
You are likely to have a good idea what I think about something at any given moment
all of the time.
I don’t bother to hide it, but I’m not particularly confrontational.
I don’t go out of my way to make myself heard, seen or known.

If you ask, I will say the wrong things.

If you don’t ask, I won’t say anything unless something I sense you value is in jeopardy
and I think what information I’ve gleaned will be helpful to you at little or no expense
to a third party that is every bit as unimportant as you or me.

I fabricate drama.
Oh yes, I do.
I don’t start shit with other people.
I wouldn’t make good fodder for a reality TV show
because I’m indifferent to the lives of those that are not intertwined with mine
and I don’t connect well, so forget that, too
but internally…



I’ve got a lot of baggage and hangups and nothing good to offer as a distraction from that
so it’s really no mystery at all why I’m alone

and plan on being so

for a long time coming.

Thanks anyway, though.
You seem nice.
I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for around a few more corners and out of view.


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