searching for a bit of co-axle cable

Posted: January 14, 2011 in otiose
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Oh, about a year ago–or maybe it’s been a little longer now–I worked out my very first wireless network. It was nothing to write home about, partly since it was conceived of primarily because I found myself at home, but mostly because it’s no significant technological feat.

In short, I’ve just shared something exceptionally uninteresting.

However, now that I am versed in setting up and maintaining makeshift networks (that I openly share with all of my neighbors so long as they don’t annoy the shit out of me) I’ve set to work connecting my living space with my work space.

My work space has become a strange hodge podge of lights, contraptions and organic matter. To be perfectly honest, it has taken me all of this time (just shy of a year now) to put the work space into any semblance of a working order. No, to be more transparent about it, the space is still dysfunctional…although I do work on getting it to work.

Now, I am down to a search for nothing more than a bit of co-axle cable to complete a circuit to an old TV I acquired during my final years of high school. It served me well all through college, and then I went and replaced it with something that would suit my computer interests and play the stray VHS or tune into a PBS broadcast from time to time as well.

I had to leave the record player…and the piano, but the losses are nothing like when the books had to burn or the plants died off.

Somehow, this old TV survived, although the remote vanished several moves ago with that asshole in the snow. Odd. My little TV was never good enough for him or his damned video games.

I’ve veered outlandishly off topic now as I passively search for a bit of co-axle cable that will connect my life with my work…so to speak, with a grin and a sleepy wink. It’s really not so important, but I do need it in order for the entire orchestration to run smoothly in my very first networked studio/hydroponics lab.

Now, I know there’s some around here…if I have to go buy more, I’m going to be pissed.


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