I’m just going to set this here, too.

Posted: December 10, 2010 in proselytizaytion

I’ve been looking for this place since the year after I was the light pink splotch in the middle of this slide.  That I found an image means quite a lot…It had just rained, and there was a lightly used footpath off to the right choked with touch-me-nots.  I’ll never find the place that once was, but…I would like to find where it used to be.

Have you found the stone; the great, smooth stone sunken into the marshy island lost with the dead channel of the river?  Have you looked past the carp beating against your ankles?  I still hold it in my memories with the sounds of the cranes flying overhead to a nearby, prehistoric land across the water.  When do you think they’ll grind my dreams into gravel for the shoulders of flat, straight, empty roads that callous over dead zones?

Skip pebbles across the surface of my consciousness.  Break.  Sink.


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