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Posted: November 17, 2010 in proselytizaytion
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This passage you sent me is very similar to nick’s discussion in The Great Gatsby. He says Gatsby loved the image of Daisy, and that image morphed into something that wasn’t real in her absence, so the Daisy he loves truly doesn’t exist and never did… Yup. That’s what I got out of it…

Oh. Well…thanks. I guess that makes sense then.

I just subscribed to get the Sunday paper delivered to my house, because a man with red, webby spider veins spread across his face talked to me for a few minutes at the Asian Superstore across town. He asked me if I was a school teacher by chance, because I have neat handwriting.

“No. Just literate.”

He smiled and gave me a free paper; today’s paper. It had yesterday’s news plastered on the front page. I recognized the Rangel story, but it also had local news that I rarely bother with. I like newspapers. Sometimes, I go into town at night and watch the big rolls of paper go…through the windows…The News.


Jay Gatsby was a hopeless character. Newspapers are a hopelessly lost medium. My world is falling apart, but that sounds too maudlin to be my own sentiment.


I’m an idiot.


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