Posted: October 28, 2010 in proselytizaytion
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I woke with a start, the image of shit still smeared across my sub-existence. I forgot to update the fucking medications again.

Fuck it. Fuck the expression written across his face.

I’m not incompetent.

It doesn’t matter.

I pulled the tabs of paper from three books to send across the country with a new note: “I would eventually like these back, but if that never happens, you know that I probably won’t notice. I probably won’t remember.”

I remember every instance in which I lent a pencil that wasn’t returned. I lend them with no expectation to ever see the day they’re returned.

The storm brought in two harsh realizations:

Socks were important to the soldiers in Nam.
Sarcasm is allotted no greater context, and subtlety is unappreciated by those self-proclaimed with great pride as clever.
Pride. Clever never helped anyone, and I look to Uncle Remus to prove me wrong.
The ants also suddenly make sense.

There’s no turning back from epiphanies like that.



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