this is how you translate into my head and come out again…

Posted: October 25, 2010 in transliteration
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A short story about your day:

The frail, effeminate creature sat hunched over a hot cup of coffee. Both curled together weakly fuming in the back of the windowless, modern cinder block classroom. Repulsed by the stale slurry, he failed to drink but instead felt consumed. Absently, he dipped his scraggly chin whiskers into the steaming brew while mulling over fanciful, swirling plans to end this entire miserable charade. “Right now!” His head throbbed. It ached and egged on, “Do it in front of them all!”

One of the sickly lemmings left under his guidance addressed him in that fragile moment of silence with complete disregard for the morose weight bearing down, pinning them all to the floor. With the whine of the incompetent little puke’s voice, the sulking mass in the corner jerked up, dripping and spraying a transparent, brown smattering on the wall. He met a room full of empty, dull eyes with a wide, mirthless grin. With a snap of his wrist, the coffee cup hurled into the plastic, pink wall shattering into a blinding field of rainbows.

“What else would you expect from that fucking flamer?” one of the mortified lemmings squeaked. Christ, what a joke.


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